Pdf stands for Portable Document Format, is a file format to present documents including images, formatted text independent of application software, operating systems or hardware. It is standardized as ISO-32000 and developed by Adobe in 1992.

Pdf- Portable Document Format

Developed By Adobe

Why Pdf Format is Popular?

PDF files are used for a wide range of purposes. They are the go-to files when you have to share something like a resume or a document of some sort. They are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere.

It’s really easy to use or view documents in this format, as most devices support this format, thus making it the preferred file format for the documents worldwide. Most of the documents you came across online are usually in Pdf file format.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular software used to open or view such documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Software used for opening Pdf file format documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader

However, there are instances you may feel uncomfortable when its comes to editing the PDF document, because editing any PDF file is a premium service and you have to pay for it.

How To Edit Pdf Files?

As mentioned above, Pdf editing is a premium service, and users have to pay to access this service and edit any document in this file format unless they are password protected.

Password protection of the documents is another feature of this Pdf file format; the compiler of any certain document could use password protection for any particular document to avoid others editing or making any changes to it.

The best Pdf editing service is provided by Adobe itself, through Adobe Acrobat Reader, a software to open Pdf Files also provides paid premium editing service. Though there is plenty of other software and online websites that offer free but limited Pdf editing services, users have to pay to get full access after a certain limit.

If you want a premium Pdf editing service, it is highly recommended to subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Reader’s premium editing service, which offers a 7-days trial period.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Software used for opening Pdf file format documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader Offers 7 Days Trail For Pdf Editing

But, In case, you want to try limited free Pdf editing service then it is recommended to use Foxit Advance Pdf Editor, which offers the best editing options for free.

Foxit advance pdf editor software

Foxit PDF Editor

You can use this software to edit a limited number of Pdf documents using its wide range of editing options. However, you also have to pay for its premium editing service after that limit.

How to Remove Signature From PDF?

You can also remove electronic signature from any PDF document using premium Pdf editing service of Foxit editor.

Just open the desired Pdf document and click the (T) button as shown in the upper red rectangle in the image below then click any signature or text to make make the edits.

use foxit pdf editor to remove signature

You can simply edit or remove any undesired text using this Pdf editor easily.

use foxit pdf editor to remove signature

But, it is a premium service and free users would only be able to edit limited number of pages of any document.