The Lost Ways By Claude Davis is one of the most popular survival book, which helps the readers to tackle any natural or man-made disaster using the survival methods used by people living in old times. lost ways book review

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Book Review

Without wasting anytime, we would like to proceed to start our review about this survival book by Claude Davis and try to figure out: Is it really worth? 

If you open this book, The Lost Ways, on the 4th page, you would find a disclaimer note comprehensively explaining that this book is only meant for knowledge or informational purpose. The instructions provided in this book are not reviewed, verified or tested by any official or government body.

lost ways disclaimer note

This note clearly states that you have to try or test all of the survival methods mentioned in this book at your own risk.

Even in the beginning of this book, authors have made it clear in the beginning that the survival methods they share in this book are just for the the purpose of information, none of these methods are either proven or tested.

So, it makes quite clear none of the survival method discussed in this book is guaranteed 0r verified that it would actually work practically.

But still, the information shared in this book would prove very beneficial and may help you a lot in any difficult time, like it shares that how people in old times, used to iginate self-feeding fire.

The author shares the entire method along with ingredients needed to lit up the fire without using any modern equipment or technology. Like it is very interesting to learn about the past and how people used to live there.

The books provides you very important information and the knowledge about the lives of the people in the older times.

It even shares different receipies of foods that people used to save and consume during any catasophare or disaster.


After analyzing different aspects of the book, we can conclude that this survival methods shared in this book may not work properly but it provides very important knowledge and information that could possibly help people at the face of difficult times.

So, if want to read this book just for the purpose of knowledge and information then this book surely worth your time and money.