You can use any Pdf Document editor to remove any undesired text or signature from any particular document, unless it is password protect. The compiler of any document has got the option to protect the text of any specific document through password, to avoid others to make any changes or edit it.

If the specific Pdf file is not password protected then removing signatures from Pdf document is easy with the use of Foxit Pdf editor software.

Steps To Remove Signature From Pdf

The procedure to remove signatures from Pdf document is explained below:

I will explain how to remove a signature from a Pdf document in simple steps using Foxit Pdf Editor software:

  • Step 1: Download the Foxit Pdf Editor software
  • Step 2: Install the Pdf Editor software and run
  • Step 3: Open any Pdf document in Foxit Pdf editor software.
  • Step 4: Now open the Pdf document where the signature is to be removed.
  • Step 5: Now go to “Document Tools

remove signature from pdf

In the “Documents” option, you can see all  the options, if you want to add/remove watermark of any Pdf document, then simply select this option, and add or remove any watermark.

If the signature is simple text then you can simple click the (T) button as  shown in the image below and select your desired text to make any changes or remove it.

use foxit pdf editor to remove signature

Still, If you are unable to remove signature then you can simply put a white image patch, logo or any image as your own signature to cover that part.

Click on “Edit” tab and choose “Signature” as shown in the image below:

signature in Pdf file

Just Click “Inesrt” button to select any of your desired image as signature as Shown below:

After selecting any image or logo as your signature just click open. As you can see in the image below that our selected image has appeared in our document as signature, which we can use to cover up part of the document.

As you can see, its quite simple, this powerful editor software helps you to edit any of your desired Pdf document only if it is not protected by password.

use foxit pdf editor to remove signature

The powerful features of Foxit Pdf editor not only help you to remove any undesired signature or text but you can also remove any hyperlink using hyperlink tool as shown in the image below.

remove hyperlink in any pdf document

If you are looking for any other Pdf editing premium service except Adobe Acrobat Reader then Foxit Pdf editor would be an ideal choice.